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Senin, 13 September 2010

Smart Set Budget for the Holidays tour

Holiday season has arrived. It's time you were with the family members enjoy a variety of mid-year agenda for a pleasant vacation. But you need to be careful. Section, various entertainment events often deplete the pockets of travelers like you. For that, you're too smart to manage the budget demanded a holiday in order not to exceed the budget.

Visa advice given is suitable for you who love to vacation with family, especially for the housewife who always had the duty to manage the family finances.

Carefully tip it refers to a 7500 survey of travelers in the entire Asia Pacific region on how they manage the budget and spending vacation time abroad.

Organize your holiday plans and budget well before departure

To avoid unexpected expenses during travel, there are several steps that can be done by the cardholder, such as doing basic research. They can plan a holiday budget and identify the activities and purchases that lead to the allocation of substantial funds, so the price appears must not make you surprised.

In addition, you must notify the card holder first on the card issuing bank before leaving on vacation to avoid disruption to their cards during the trip and having to remember their PIN numbers. As a precaution, you can create automatic payments for credit card and make sure they have enough funds in your debit account.

According to Visa research travel, the traveler may take approximately 14 weeks to plan their holidays. Three quarters of respondents also said that they prefer to plan and book holidays online and agenda of this very popular way of travelers from India 21 percent and China 20 percent. While originating from Japan as much as 53 percent and 35 percent admitted Korea prefers to check through my friends and relatives.

Check quote for your vacation destination

To plan a budget with a more detailed way, the travelers need to check the promo-local promo in their destination countries, ranging from free to stay in hotels with discounts at restaurants, and by using a Visa card, you can enjoy access to the promo- Local promos to reduce costs on vacation. To get more information about fees before leaving for vacation.

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash

The less cash to carry, the less risk you assume. As many as 45 percent of respondents said that the main reason for choosing an electronic payment card use than cash or traveler's checks for overseas transactions is to minimize the risk. Only four percent of travelers believe that it is safe to carry cash. The reason is if your cash is lost or stolen, the money will be lost forever while Visa cards can be replaced by contacting the issuing bank.

Use ATMs for how safe, comfortable and easy

Avoid carrying large sums of cash, as much as 64 percent of respondents chose to take cash from an ATM at their destination. You can transact in more than 1.6 million Visa ATMs bearing the logo of the world, including major airports. So this can make your vacation much easier and convenient.

Keep emergency phone numbers in a safe place and easy to carry

When the unexpected happens, the traveler should call the Visa Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) to cancel the cards and take care of it quickly. A Visa payment card also provides free protection responsibilities (zero liability) on purchases that are not illegal (unauthorized) is the form of a profit than traveler's checks or cash.

Unlike with cash and checks, all Visa payment cards offer a safe features to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. If the traveler loses the card when it is outside the country, not to worry because their cards could be replaced, but the cash is lost or stolen will be lost forever.

When returning from vacation, it's important for cardholders are carefully reviewing reports from the payment card issuing banks and immediately contacted if there are costs that are not right or suspicious. Happy holidays!

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